Tips To Lose Belly Fat and Obliques

Indian populations esp those living a sedentary lifestyle or very less activity life are  prone  to lower abdomen fat or belly fat . But with the right guidance, one can easily burn such fats from the body for a long term. Though we all know that their is no spot reduction, but if we burn the overall fat then it will help us to get rid of the belly fat too. One should get the full body analysis report to know the fat percentage and water percentage. This will help a nutritionist/ fitness expert to calculate the right proportion of nutrients required through diet. In this blog, find the healthy tips to lose belly fat and obliques.


To lose abdomen fat or lower body fat, one should concentrate basically on diet and workout.Here are some healthy tips and guidelines below that should be followed to see the healthy results:

High- fiber foods: We had always heard that eat fiber to lose weight & all. But do we know the role of fiber in our weight loss? First let us know what is actually a fiber? Fiber is the carbohydrate found in plant sources like cereals, millet, fruits, vegetables, etc.The fiber in diet helps a person to feel full for a longer period without adding much of calories in the diet and also they have gut friendly bacteria which helps in many concerns like weight management, controlling metabolic conditions, etc. Soluble fiber and viscose fiber have been known to increase the satiety value and reduce appetite which indirectly helps in controlling the portion size.

High-protein foods: Every individual have their own nutrient requirement as per your activity and diet. Protein foods are known to boost metabolism and to reduce the appetite along with some changes in several weight-regulating hormones. A diet high in protein increases the levels of satiety (appetite-reducing) hormones GLP-1, peptide YY and cholecystokinin, while reducing the levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

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Keep yourself hydrated: Water is an important nutrient for survival as every cell, tissue and organ needs water to work correctly. Everyday, we lose about 700 ml of water through our skin and breathing, 100 ml in feces, 1.5 L in urine and 200 ml as sweat; which is why we need about 2.5 -3 L of water everyday. Besides water, one can include healthy beverages like tender coconut water, buttermilk, fruit juices, vegetable juices, lime water, cumin water, etc. so as to maintain the electrolyte balance too.GNG.jpg

Interval training along with weight training: Interval training are known to increase BMR which helps a person to burn energy in terms of fat. While weight training helps you to strengthen the muscles. So as per the IBW, one should plan both to lose fat along with muscle strengthening. In functional training include side bends, squats, mountain climber, planks, lunges, etc along with cardio or aerobic.

Stress-free life: You must be already aware of the ill-effects of stress and living a stress-full life leads a person to gain more weight. But how? When you’re stressed a cortisol hormone is released from adrenal gland which acts negatively to the fat-reducing hormones like insulin & leptin and hence you will feel hungry all the time and starts craving for salty and junk foods which will indirectly leads to gain weight. Also the person will get a disturbed sleep pattern.

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Eat smaller meals : Always keep an eye on the food or meal that you’re consuming as a proper check will help you to know whether you are over-eating or your consuming junk food without any portion size. So it’s better to distribute a 24-hour meal schedule, so that one can get the proper nutrition in a schedule  manner. 5-6 small meals in which 3 should be the major meals ; breakfast, lunch and dinner along with 2 snacks in mid of the major meals.

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