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This has been my usual reaction to this term…Make me workout for hours…
But “dieting” has been a big no. But as a matter of fact…Your experiences changes the way you look at things and it’s a cherry on the cake when it’s positive.

– Chitwan sethi


Thanks, I have taken diet help just for 3 months for objective to get rid of my IBS having since 2008 after diet counseling it solved upto 80% with right food for my gut additional 5 kg of weight reduction.thanks team and best for luck for your new endeavor.

– Vikram


It’s amazing to be a part of this service. It’s very much feasible and as per my body requirements and I would recommend everyone to go for such great healthy service.

– Abhishek


Though the diets were followed 80% basically for the body building.

– Anmol Sethi


Suffering from Diabetes and a very moody & foodie person tried to follow the given plan with food limits. But due to vacations, didn’t follow much.

– NK Sethi


Thnku di…it ws gud try with gonutry..☺n ufcose u voomika di…ur diet is very energetic keeps full all the day. Gud luck👍for ur journey of healthy root..



As I am 53 years old female & don’t have any fb account but want to share my valuable feedback over here.
few days ago I was suffering from high bp and edema because of which my limbs got swelled and had puffy eyes.
Then came to know about you and gonutrygo. With your diet plans and tips my puffy eyes and swollen limbs came in my original phase. And I’m still continuing with you for a better result. Now I’m able to walk, do some easy home workout. 

I’m following all your daily tips and the blogs in your website is not only on weight loss or nutritional based but it do cover weight gaining, muscle building, etc etc….. Inshort, the whole website is like a Health Encyclopedia where one can get updated according to their needs and requirements.  

My best wishes to your journey to help the people in getting a healthy life through Gonutrygo.

-Kajal M.


Hi Voomika, you have been a great support to me…..I hav been following ur diets on & off but ur tips & guidelines regularly. 1st : I was facing problem in managing my meals in a veg PG, so thr u made it feasible for me in preparing easy made meals + the right eat out options. 2nd : while I was eating out unknowingly I got so many acne on my face, which almost went bec of ur diet. 3rd :  ur daily tips & guidelines helped me understand all about the healthy changes & clean habits (😂😂😂 yes I took these 2 words from ur insta #😜) 4th : about ur diet…. seriously u work soo soo hard while making ur diets for me (& actually nt only for me but for all ur clients) I can see it…see to be honest Asia koi bhi diet plan nhi dekha Maine where u ll get day wise meal wo bhi 1 week pattern ma & that too u hardly repeat ur options except few & the most important thing ur always thr to help me choose the eat out options whenever I’m out or ur traveling guidelines which again helped me a lot.

Why I always make a comeback to u is Bec u hardly say no to my ongoing life, allowed me to enjoy my office/friends party, considered my alcohol intake too🤩 & not being a workout person😒 but rather u helped me balance it well in our way(u & me). At last u r really sweet, cool, nvr saw u strict, calm & Best of luck to ur start up & helping people like us to get into our healthy life (which I thought was nt possible😅) via Gonutrygo…👍🏻 Signing out with lots of luv.😘

– Deepti B.

(who hav always hated the dietician 🙈& off course the diet😉)


Will like to thank Voomika Mukherjee for devising a nutrition plan which has helped me loose weight and get into a better shape. The diet plan gives ample food to eat so I am not for a single day feeling hungry and at the same time I get to loose weight. Thanks

-Aarti Vikas Chhabra