10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

You can increase weight by following a high-calorie-high-carbohydrates-high-protein diet along with weight training workout. Also as a supplement one should add either mass gainer or weight gainer of a best leading brand and creatine for 40–45 days.

Let’s see how all these three work simultaneously. We all know that eating a calorie dense diet will increase weight like 2500–3000 kcal daily that too calorie dense like banana shake, vegetable/chicken brown rice, stuffed paranthe with low-fat cheese, bread with peanut butter, etc.

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

Doing weight training will help to gain and strengthen muscles. Also we have to keep in mind that workout has to be without cardio as cardio helps to burn calories and fat which we require to gain weight. So the workout should be proper weight training according to the body parts.

Find the 10 healthy foods that one should include in his/her diet to gain weight are the following:

1] Fruits: Fruits like Banana, chickoo, anjeer, etc are considered as a high calorie fruits which contains simple carbohydrates which can either consumed as a pre-workout or for instant energy else can be consumed as a high-calorie shake/smoothie. Milkshake should be consumed daily atleast twice a day. It helps one adding calories in the daily diet. Find the recipe in this link http://qr.ae/TUT0oD

2] High calorie ladoo: One can consume ladoo or kheer made of carrot, rice, sesame seeds (til) or custard. Again the purpose of adding these are to increase calories with nutritional aspect.

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

3] Mashed boiled potatoes in curd as a healthy snack: A calorie- dense recipe of mashed boiled potatoes in curd as a snack helps a person feel full for longer along with increase in the calories. The carbs in potato will provide you with energy to fuel your day, and the dietary fiber will help fight constipation and help you feel full.

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

4] Sweet potato: Sweet potatoes are a good carb source and should be a part of one’s diet.

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight
Baked sweet potato with cheese cube

5] Soya/Chicken brown rice: As a lunch one can include protein with starch diet again to increase the calorie in terms of carb and protein. It makes a complete meal for one.

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

6] Stuffed paratha with cheese: Stuffed paratha is one of the common breakfast in every household today. As it is easy to prepare also. For the stuffing, one can use sattu, potato, leftover vegetables, chicken keema, egg keema and add cheese on top while serving hot.

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

7] Bread with peanut butter: Generally I prefer multigrain bread with 1 tbsp. peanut butter as my evening snack or else sometimes as pre-workout too. Peanut butter gives the essential fat and bread as a carb source.

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight
Bread with peanut butter

8] Mass gainers/weight gainers: These gainers are a high-calories body building shake fortified with carb as the major content along with the varying protein content, essential nutrients, essential fats and creatine monohydrate (optional). They are high in calories which helps in gaining optimum weight.

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

9] Carb blend: Carb blends are the blend of carbs, such as dextrose, fructose and malto dextrin. They are suggested to those who are involved to marathon runners or HIIT workouts or hard gainers as it provides the required amount of carbs to the body for brimming the energy levels.

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

10] Dried fruits like Raisins, dates, and prunes: Dried fruits should be taken in breakfast, shakes or smoothies, handful in bed time, porridge, ladoo or kheer. As along with nutritional values they help you increase the calories too.

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

Please find a weight gaining diet plan by clicking this link: http://qr.ae/TUT0hW 

10 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight



The Fat Flush Plan is a combination weight loss and detox diet. Developed by Arun Louise Gittleman, PhD, a former nutritionist at the Pritikin Longevity Center, this plan promises to melt away fat in just two weeks while also detoxifying your body.

Fat Flush Plan

How is this Diet Supposed to Work?

The premise of this diet is that we need to detoxify our bodies, particularly our livers, to lose extra weight. According to Dr. Gittleman, eliminating certain foods and adding others can boost the liver’s performance, flush fat, and accelerate weight loss.

Fat Flush Plan

What’s involved?

Dr. Gittleman believes that there are five hidden causes of weight gain:

  • liver toxicity,
  • waterlogged tissues (causing bloating and cellulite),
  • fear of eating fat,
  • excess insulin and inflammation, and
  • Stress

The Fat Flush Plan consists of three phases:

Phase One: Two-Week Fat Flush

This is a cleansing program designed to accelerate weight loss from hips, thighs and buttocks, while detoxifying the liver.

Calories: 1,100 – 1,200 per day

Focus: Daily flaxseed oil, fiber and water along with exercise.

Foods Allowed:

  • Green leafy vegetables (e.g. kale, collards, watercress, and broccoli) and other non-starchy vegetables.
  • Certain fruits
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Omega-3-enriched eggs
  • Fish, lean meat, skinless chicken, and turkey
  • Unsweetened cranberry juice diluted with water

Foods Not Allowed:

  • Trans fats
  • Caffeine
  • Colas, diet sodas, alcohol
  • Aspartame, sugar, and many spices (including curries, chili peppers, and black pepper)
  • Vinegars (other than apple cider vinegar), soy sauce, mustard, and barbecue sauce
  • Grains, breads, cereals
  • Starchy vegetables (e.g. potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, parsnips, pumpkin, winter squash, and beans)
  • Dairy products
  • All oils and fats other than flaxseed oilFat Flush Plan

Phase Two: Ongoing Fat Flush

This is designed for ongoing weight loss. Remain on this phase until you reach your desired weight loss, which can last two weeks to several months.

Calories: 1,200 – 1,500 per day

Focus: Similar to phase one

Foods Allowed: Same as phase one, with the addition of allowing 1-2 “friendly carbohydrates” back on the menu each week, such as flax bread and sweet potatoes.

Foods Not Allowed: Same as phase one.

Fat Flush Plan

Phase Three: Lifestyle Eating Plan

This is the maintaining portion of the program.

Calories: over 1,800 per day

Focus: Similar to phases one and two. Also includes food combing (e.g. only eating one protein per meal, eating flaxseed oil with dairy, and not eating vegetables and fruit together)

Foods Allowed: Same as phase two with the addition of more fruit and oils and limited dairy. Can now work up to a mixture of four “friendly carbohydrates” per day.

Foods Not Allowed: Many of the foods that were eliminated in phase one remain restricted, including coffee, regular tea (herbal teas are okay), diet sodas, alcohol, sweeteners, sugar , and white flour.

Fat Flush Plan