What you eat is important but how much you eat is also important. Eating healthy doesn’t mean that one can eat too much of it. I never recommend a person to go on a low-calorie or low-carb diet rather I suggest them to follow some tricks to use which can help you slightly reduce the amount of food you eat without feeling deprived off. Once you start following these tricks, they will become a habit for lifelong.


You should always fool your brain by such healthy tricks. Usually we end-up eating more than what we should because of the mindless signals. It’s better to go slow and steady for weight loss than a fast weight loss, as it stays for long and are planned for lifelong.

Here are the healthy tricks that once achieved can be followed lifelong without noticing every time.

1] Use smaller plates : Using smaller plates while eating helps you serve less in your plate and hence you will eat less. Though it wired but it always works.

2] Serve less in your plate : Serve less in your plate. Start filling your plate with salad, then vegetable curry, then dal and at last add any cereal group. And do remember that you are following the above point. Much of salads and vegetables than cereals on plate.

3] Eat protein in your diet : Studies have shown that eating high protein in diet boosts metabolism by 80 – 100  calories per day along with making you feel full for longer as protein takes a long time to gets digested.

4] Eat 3 major meals in a day : One should include breakfast, lunch and dinner daily so as to maintain the body’s metabolism work properly. Food acts as a fuel to our body as it’s only the source where the body gets energy to work throughout the day. Hence one should not avoid or skip any of the major meal as it will end-up in overeating in the next meal. Which will indirectly leads to eat more calories and hence extra calories will lead food to convert into fat and gets stored in adipose tissue.

5] Get yourself a healthy schedule : You should plan a healthy meal timing to set your brain and your metabolism to act on the set time always. Including variety in the diet is good but let’s not change the meal time else it will disturb the body function and metabolism process.

6] Don’t eat in front of TV : The reason behind this is to make you focus while you eat. Eat with all your senses and think about how the food is nourishing your body from within; which is not possible while sitting in front of TV and eating.

7] Keep unhealthy foods at bay : I always ask my clients not to buy unhealthy snacks and store in home. It’s better you eat it while buying rather than storing in home. Cheat meal once or twice is ok to go for as you will eat on the spot and as per the portion size but if you store them in home, then you will end-up eating it mostly as your brain will give your body the signals for the craving of them.

8] Chew thoroughly : Studies have shown that chewing food slowly and thoroughly can help you eat fewer and increase the hormones related to weight loss in your body. One should use the entire mouth to chew the every bite of the meal. And once you had finished the bite then only pick the another. Wait for a while to get a signal from your brain to know whether you are full or not. It hardly takes a second to get recognized with such signals.

9] Don’t eat from the packet : One shouldn’t eat from the packet especially the junk snacks as it will lead you to finish the packet and consume more calories than the required. So it’s good to take some out in a bowl and then eat.

10] Include at least a light free-hand workout daily : One should at least increase some free-hand workout daily as it will help you to maintain your muscle mass along with fat loss. Do a mix of functional cum weight training.

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