How to Know The Ideal Body Weight

You already know why you want to lose weight or build muscles or gain weight, but how do you know you are near to your goal.?

Looks may play a role in determining the right weight for you (as long as you’re keeping things in realistic perspective). How much should you weigh? Well, that’s not an easy question.The right weight for you is unique to you and dependent on a number of factors – (including – but not solely- what you want to weigh). A healthy weight can reduce your risk of a variety of diseases, help you live longer and improve the


way you feel.

Simply put, a healthy weight means you have the right amount of body fat in relation to your overall body mass. It’s a weight that allows you to feel energetic, reduces health risks, helps prevent premature aging (such as won-out joints from carrying around too much weight) and improves your quality of life.


So how do you know if you’re at a healthy weight? While there are no objective standards for what weight “looks good”, there are standards for what determines a healthy weight. When we step on the weighing scale, we see our total weight, which includes bone, muscle and fluid too.The Most accurate way to determine how much fat you’re carrying is to have a body fat analysis.

The most common method to determine Ideal Body Weight is the the National Institutes of Health threefold approach:

  • Your Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • The circumference of your waist & hip
  • Personal medical history.


A large number of these lifestyle-related conditions can be managed by just watching your diet and managing your weight.



The BMI and body fat analysis works as a snapshot of your current weight. The lifestyle and medical history helps us to reveal the risk of being overweight or of developing weight-related diseases.

Weight is all about the balance between energy added through diet and the energy burned through the activity. This energy balance is a basic principle of healthy lifestyle and hence for the Ideal Body Weight.

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