How to Prepare the Effective and Healthy Diet

According to science, balancing of the nutrients as per the body requirement is the most effective and healthy diet which helps a person to life a healthy lifelong. One should know how to prepare the effective and healthy diet to follow for a healthy lifestyle.

How to Prepare the Effective and Healthy Diet

Every individual has its own nutrient requirement based on his BMR, activity level, BMI, medical condition if any and also if any food allergy. The diet made should be feasible because if a person is following a diet he should be mentally, physically and socially fit and stable to follow, then only the plan will work on him/her. The reason behind this is, when a food is on a plate near to us, our metabolism starts from the smell and eye itself.

One should eat 3 major meals along with 2–3 snacks. Let’s start the morning with the so called detox water like Green Tea/ Apple Cider Vinegar/ Wheatgrass/ Herbal juices/ the most common Lemon-Honey water. But the detox water should be changed in every 15–20 days so that our body doesn’t stop responding to the health benefits of them.

How to Prepare the Effective and Healthy Diet

After early morning comes the “Breakfast” which most of us use to skip. But skipping a breakfast is not healthy as breakfast helps kick-start our metabolism after 7–8 hours of rest. A breakfast should be a complete meal full of macro- and micro- nutrients.

How to Prepare the Effective and Healthy Diet

For e.g. Oatmeal/millet porridge made in low-fat milk; with added fruits and nuts-seeds. In this meal, one will get carbs for energy, protein for muscle building and strength, essential fatty acids for the joints mobility and flexibility; and a source of antioxidants along with Vitamins and Minerals.

In Lunch, generally it provides nourishment to the body and brain and reduces fatigue and stress. Eating lunch provides a break from the activities of the day and gives energy for the afternoon. It increases your body metabolism and hence makes you energizer.

Healthy Lunch Options during a Diet

Lunch should be a combination of complex carbs with lean protein or a healthy balanced Thali as per the portion size of the individual.

In between the major meals one should include healthy snacks like tender coconut water/ plain lemon water/Green Tea with handful of nuts and seeds/ fruit/roasted channa, etc.

All About Diet and Diet plan

Generally in the Evening around 4 pm to 6 pm we feel hungry and that’s the only time when most of us grab unhealthy burger with French fries, etc. snacks. But during this time, one should eat high-protein, high fiber snacks which will help one to feel full for longer till the dinner time. One can include boiled egg white salad/ sprout salad/ chicken salad, etc.

It’s essential to eat a healthy but light dinner which combines both protein (meat, eggs, lentils or beans) and carbohydrates (boiled/baked potatoes, whole pasta, brown rice, vegetables and fruit).

How to Prepare the Effective and Healthy Diet

It ensures a steady release of glucose to the blood stream, helping to prevent disturbed sleep.

Good nutrition in a balanced form is an important part of leading a healthy life. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote your overall health.

How to Prepare the Effective and Healthy Diet


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