Why waste time on eating empty calories snacks? These nutrient-dense  healthy SNACKS & DESSERTS nibbles are of great on their own or for days when you need something extra to sustain you. you could also try them as a delicious side dishes too or can be also given to kids rather than feeding them with all the unhealthy foods like packet chips or burgers or pizza or french fries from the market so as to make the kids busy. Lets start eating healthy snacks as per the individual’s feasibility and requirement.

healthy snacks & dessertsSnacking is a small portion of food or drink or a light meal, especially one eaten between regular meals, so as to avoid long-gaps in between the 3 major meals. Mostly people stay in office, so they mostly complain that we can’t carry much tiffins or make snacks in the morning, hence we end-up eating unhealthy fast or junk foods.