Healthy Eating-out Meal Options

Let’s find the healthy eating-out meal options according to the cuisines as in today’s busy life schedule, most of us end our day by eating out as it is preferred the most convenient, efficient, easy and sometimes essential. But we generally end-up by ordering unhealthy and common foods that are easily available to us, as we are not familiar much with the healthy eat-out meal options that now one can opt for. Now it’s easier to stick to the diet when eating out.  

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Always pay attentions to the descriptions of the menu given in the menu card before ordering. Order food for smaller potions or else share with your buddy. You should be familiar with the hidden calories which are loaded with those extra fat and calories. Ingredients often are added to enhance the flavor, color or texture of food- for examples, seasonings, sauces, cheesy toppings or dressings. Sometimes they are the part of the preparations like oil or butter for cooking too.

Use these healthy eating-out meal options while ordering in a restaurant. Let’s start with the

Appetizers: Choose one that contains primarily veggies, fruit or fish. Avoid fried appetizers as they are generally high in calories.

Soup: The best choices are broth-based or tomato-based soups. Creamed soups, chowders and pureed soups can contain heavy cream or egg yolks.

Bread: Muffins, garlic toast and croissants have more fat and calories. Opt for whole-grain bread, breadsticks and crackers.

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Salad: Choose lettuce or spinach base salad for veg and egg white or steamed chicken/tuna/salmon fish base salad for non-veg with a low-fat dressings that too on the side.

Chef salad or taco salad are generally high in fat and calories as they do contain some deep-fried ingredients into it.

Side Dish: Look for baked/ grilled/roasted/ steamed veggies or lean chicken or fish over fried options like French fries, potato chips or mayo/ white sauce based salads.

Roti/Rice: Select tawa roti or tandoori roti over naan or butter roti. In rice, opt for steamed or boiled rice over fried rice.

Tips according to the Ethnic Cuisine or Find the Healthy Cuisine Options


Ask for stir-fried, that too made in little or no oil, or steamed dishes with lots of veggies, steamed rice, poached fish and hot & sour soups.  Avoid the use of  monosodium glutamate (MSG) while cooking. Request soy sauce and other sauces on the side.

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Look for steamed shellfish, quiche, roasted poultry, salad with low-fat dressings on side, and sauces with a wine or tomato base.

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Ask for Plaki (fishes cooked with tomatoes, onion and garlic base curry) or chicken kebabs (broiled along with tomatoes, onions and peppers) or a Greek salad.

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Order for whole pasta with tomato sauce and veggies, Entree with side of veggies, Grilled (griglia) dishes. Opt for  thin-crust pizza with half the cheese and extra veggies.

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Opt for Steamed rice, soba or udon noodles, stir-fried noodles (yakisoba), chicken teriyaki (yakitori), steamed dumplings (shumai), tofu, sukiyaki, kayaku gohan (vegetables and rice).

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Look for Grilled fish, shrimp and chicken with salsa made of tomato, chilies and onion. Order for corn tortillas, burritos, taco, fajitas (not fried). For a side dish, order rice or beans (black, pinto).

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South Indian:

Look for steamed Idlis with sambar and tomato chutney, Vegetable Uttapam with sambar, Plain dosa with sambar and tomato chutney.

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North Indian:

Opt for Yellow dal/rajma/chole/kadhi (without pakore) with steamed brown/destarched rice and salad, Vegetable/egg-white/steamed chicken pulao with veg/fruit raita, baked/tawa/grilled tikka/kebab with fresh lime soda, Entrees with less oil + tandoori roti/tawa roti.

At Coffee Shops/Burger Chains/Subway:

  • Cappuccino[small serving]
  • Frappe[skimmed milk, small serving]
  • Skimmed milk fruit smoothie, without ice-cream
  • Herbal tea
  • Grilled/baked sandwich without cheese/mayo. Can have mustard/ketchup
  • Avoid any fried side dish/chips as an add on
  • Green salad with smoked/grilled chicken breast/feta cheese. Dressing of olive-oil, balsamic vinegar on the side
  • Poached/steamed/scrambled egg whites with multigrain toast

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  • Healthy vegetable wraps without cream/mayo.
  • Regular 6 inch sub with multigrain/whole wheat bread, without cheese/mayo, extra veggies.


  • Plain frozen yogurt with fruits[small serving]
  • A piece of chocolate

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  • Order for small servings and share

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