Myths prevailing about diet and nutrition in the society have become a major hurdle for a healthy living. Myths are defined as stories shared by a group of people which are a part of their cultural identity. You can find more than 300 myths and facts on diet, health, nutrition, supplement and many more.

What you eat affects your body – but eating healthy isn’t always easy.Whether you’re shopping to cook at home or eating at a restaurant, there are a lot of diet or food myths that revolves around us. Let’s face it, myths and misinformation are much more seductive than the truth. Learn to make smart choices while selecting foods/meals.

Myths have a strong influence in the life of individuals and their way of living including seeking weight loss or staying healthy.Therefore, understanding the myths and misconceptions about the diet or food or nutrition, is important in providing excellent care and health education to both patients and individuals. Indian population consists of people from different cultural backgrounds and there is a very strong influence of the various myths on health seeking behavior in our population. There has been little research done to understand these myths. Not many studies have been done and we do not have much data related to this subject.

Therefore, we have tried to find out the prevalence of common myths and misconceptions among people and society about diet, food or nutrition.


Myths & Facts


Myths & Facts