Diet and Guidelines for Weight Gain

One can increase weight by following a high-calorie-high-carbohydrates-high-protein diet along with weight training workout. Also as a supplement one should add either mass gainer or weight gainer of a best leading brand and creatine for 40–45 days.

Lets see how all these three work simultaneously. We all know that eating a calorie dense diet will increase weight like 2500–3000 kcal daily that too calorie dense like banana shake, vegetable brown rice, stuffed paranthe with low-fat cheese, brown bread/multigrain bread with peanut butter, etc.

Doing weight training will help to gain and strengthen muscles. also we have to keep in mind that workout has to be without cardio as cardio helps to burn calories and fat which we require to gain weight. So the workout should be proper weight training according to the body parts.

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Mass gainer/Weight gainers help you add extra calories in the diet. As eating 2500–3000 kcal daily through food is not so possible to digest. Also these gainers are generally considered as a food supplements. Atlast Creatine too can be taken for the strength, stamina and volume to muscles, as it retains the water from the body. Also while having creatine one should drink atleast 4–5 L a day.

But the main question or the reviews that  clients share is when they consume gainers they gain weight but once they leave them their body weight gets down. So dear friends the reason is very simple here you are adding 1000–1300 kcal from the mass gainers, so when you stop consuming it in between the gaining process then you should maintain that extra calories from your diet itself or once you reach your Ideal weight or target weight, you should switch to your leaning supplement stack along with the diet (planned accordingly).

Let’s follow a weight gaining diet plan below along with the gainer.
Early morning: 1/2 cup gur/jaggery-channa
Breakfast: 1.5 bowl oatmeal along with 3–4 boiled eggs (2/3 egg white & 1 whole egg) or 4–5 paneer cubes.
Mid-morning : 1 glass banana/chikoo/anjer shake#[ add 150 gm gainer, nuts & seeds, oats, peanut butter]

Lunch: 1.5 bowl vegetable brown rice/ destarch rice(also if possible then can add steamed/roasted chicken) along with raita/whole dal
Mid-afternoon: 2–3 banana/chickoo or boiled potato in curd
Evening: 1 glass banana/chikoo/anjer shake#[ add 150 gm gainer, nuts & seeds, oats, peanut butter]
Dinner: 200–250 gm steamed/grilled chicken or fish along with vegetables.
Bed Time: 1–2 banana/chickoo

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